What are some popular and profitable forex indicators?

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If you are new to forex world, chances are that you will be looking for best platforms and popular indicators. Juno market is a good place for beginners to start and for experts to combine various indicators and use their strategies. You can consider checking market opinions for more. Here, we are talking about the popular indicators and some of the are actually very useful if you put in right values and have appropriate time frame on your chart.

Bollinger bands

These are mini support levels that help in figuring about the juno market opinions volatility. They can be used with Bollinger bounce, which is a strategy that is about purchasing stuff when the bar strikes lower Bollinger band and selling it when the bar reaches the top band. Moreover, you can trade with Bollinger squeeze which can help you in catching breakout instantly and it usually happens when the market is pretty quiet.


MACD is used by various experts to catch trends early and spot their reversals. There are two moving averages with one moving at a decent pace while the other one is relatively slow. Along with it, you have a vertical histogram that measures difference between the two. You can wait for the fast line to cross over or under the slow line and it can be taken as a signal for a new trend.

Parabolic SAR

If you want to spot the bullish and bearish trends, get your hands on parabolic SAR. Is is about stop and reversal, and is fairly easy to read. The dots above the candle give you sell signal while when they are below the candle you can go for buy trade. Use them in markets where there are long rallies and downturns of a trend.

Other common indicators

Apart from the three indicators above, there are some other commonly used tools. These include the Relative Strength Index (RSI) that helps in determining the strength of a trend, Stochastic which is a tool to determine overbought and oversold conditions, and Average Directional Index (ADX) which is also a strength telling index.