The comparison between share dealing and CFDs

Being a part of the financial industry is itself an achievement. If you are struggling to decide the better market, we suggest, read this article. The traders in the professional community believe that CFD market is far better than share dealing. Do you know why they prefer CFDs over share dealing? Actually, there are valid reasons to prefer CFDs but most naïve traders are unaware of this factor. The naïve traders have the habit of following another trader, but it is not at all an appropriate behavior. What if the person you are following isn’t on the right track? What if the trader has less knowledge of the market? To be honest, if you want to become a successful trader you shouldn’t try to follow another person rather you should build your own path. You should make mistakes, yet learn from the mistakes. Likewise, it should be a learning process, not a process of copying another trader. If you had to choose between share dealing and CFDs, you should know to pick the right type. The CFDs have become a great alternative for share dealing, and there are many reasons why you should choose CFDs. Keep reading to learn more!

Before we dig deep you need to understand the risk factors of trading. Those who are trading the market without having any clear knowledge of trade management always blow their account. At times you might get lucky and secure big winners by using the market leverage but when you consider it as your full-time profession, you must learn the details. Stop trading the market without knowing the risk factors. Try to focus on proper discipline and maintain a trading strategy. You need to do some extensive research about this industry to learn the proper way of executing trades at the volatile market. Stop being a gambler in the retail trading industry. You have to use rational steps and find high probability trades in favor of the market trend.

You do not have to bear stamp duty

When compared to traditional trading it is obvious that CFDs is great. You would have countless reasons to pick CFDs over other trading methods. Basically, in CFD trading you don’t have many costs like share dealing. It is one of the derivatives, so you can study the price movements. In fact, you don’t have to own the real asset rather it is the underlying ownership. In the simplest term, it means you don’t have to bear Stamp Duty. By trading the CFD market, you would be able to save a lot of money. If you are able to manage the market condition you would be able to make a lot of profits. But the problem is naïve traders don’t understand the simplicity, so they tend to end up giving up all their hard earned money. What should the naïve traders do, if they want to change this situation? They should simply start practicing demo trading.

You can enjoy the leverage

If it is share dealing, you might have to bear the total share cost of the share. But is the case with CFDs? For example, if you are purchasing a certain amount of shares, approx. $1000 you would have to deposit the entire amount. Comparatively, you can enjoy leverage in CFDs, so you would have to bear only a certain amount of the cost. You should bear one thing in mind i.e. you may have to bear higher risks if you don’t know to deal with it accordingly.

You can predict the movement

Unlike share dealing, you can simply take the position based on the asset even if the price movement is uncertain. If you anticipate a falling price movement you would be able to make decisions according to the market situation. The market movement will decide the loss or profit, so the way you predict the market is really important.